Ever since I was young I found photography to be a fun, exciting hobby.  The whole idea that with the push of a button one could capture a moment or a scene, and have it forever, to me was a gift, especially once I had children!  Although my children may not have enjoyed my obsession at the time, with my many requests for “just one more shot!” they now appreciate going back through all the memories.


Now that my kids have grown, I found myself searching for a new subject to focus on and I gravitated toward nature.  I love being out in nature, so photographing it seemed like the perfect next direction.  For me, the obvious first step was landscape photography and I jumped right in. But once I used a macro lens I became hooked on all the small stuff that make up the landscapes; flowers, ferns, mushrooms and all the tiny patterns one can see when we really take the time to look. And the bonus is there is an unending amount of subjects, even in my own back yard! 


As I continue my journey, I find my vision changing and growing; the vision of what I see through the lens. I have realized that not only is there true beauty in a fully bloomed flower, but I have also found the beauty in a flower that is past its prime. Throughout my journey I began to make the change from simply taking photos to creating images with the goal to evoke an emotional response for anyone viewing my work.


If I am so privileged to have one of my photos move you and you are interested in making a purchase, I use all archival materials including the backing, with the mat in black with a white core. If you are interested in receiving the photography framed, I use a 1” black wooden frame with museum quality non-glare glass.


Thank you for taking the time to look through my work.  Please feel free to critique any of my photos as I am always looking for ways to grow and improve.

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